We are a fintech & marketplace company aspired to provide a digital wallet experience to the population in the ASEAN region

Our Business

We are a fintech & marketplace company aspired to provide a digital payment experience to the population in the ASEAN region.
MYISCO Sdn Bhd (“MYISCO”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MyAngkasa Digital Services Sdn Bhd (“MDS”), a private limited company that is led by Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia (“ANGKASA”), MyAngkasa Holdings Sdn Bhd, Boustead Digital Services Sdn Bhd, MySwitch Sdn Bhd and MRuncit Commerce Sdn Bhd (“MCash”).
MYISCO intends to reach out to a large segment of the community with extensive products that will deliver a seamless digital experience. As part of financial inclusivity and unique product offerings, MYISCO has begun its journey through digital wallet that will escalate the transition of digital adoption among Malaysians, especially cooperatives community.
MYISCO believes that a digital wallet is the best medium to serve Malaysians especially the underserved and unserved segments of B40 and Micro Small Medium Enterprise (“MSME”) as well as within our very own cooperatives population. This segment has long been deprived of getting the desired digital financial products as they are deemed un-bankable due to factors ranging from high costs of service, out of service coverage, mismatched products and services, to creditworthiness related issues.
Our Solution

MYISCO Digital Wallet Solutions

Simplified payment process

With an e-wallet, users can easily pay for the service or product in both online and offline stores simply with QR scanning and minimal clicks.

Unlimited period of usage

Users that have registered an account in the system of electronic payment services, may use it as long as they like.

Convenient work for merchants

Electronic money is the best solution for merchants who deal with customers as it reduces the risk of carrying hard cash in store.

High transaction speed

Transactions with electronic money are performed in a matter of seconds.

Extended payment functionality

A digital wallet features a highly protected user account with all the necessary information for making a secure e-wallet mobile payment and the ability to select the desired currency and multiple top-up options for such e-wallet.

Why MYISCO E-Wallet


The mobile wallet industry has been on a rapid growth trajectory. The overcrowded mobile wallets space in the app store is a living testament to it. The growth in the industry has been further spurred amid Covid-19, as cashless payments became a new norm and contactless transactions preferred. With this exponential growth, a digital wallet app expects to see increased adoption among Malaysians.
With the evolution of technology, especially in AI, data analytics, eKYC, blockchain, and robust digital security, the digital wallet compliance framework has been transformed and eased payment mobility will be the way we do our routine payment transactions in the future.
The acceptance among Malaysians has seen exponential growth in digital wallets utilization and are expected to reduce the standard cost of operations since they will be less dependent on cash and card transactions, use lesser manpower and have limitless access to multiple product platforms which will entice customers and merchants alike.
With more than half of our population falling into this category and the accelerated adoption of e-commerce by Malaysians during the global pandemic, MYISCO believes this would be an ideal business model that fits perfectly with its business philosophy.
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July 6, 2021
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July 2, 2021
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August 19, 2021
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